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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 29, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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janet in broadway in "broadway to tv "playing saturday night as the laurie beachman theater. see you next week. >> cenk: welcome to the "young turks." i know what you're thinking. if we talk about the fiscal cliff anymore you might throw yourself off a cliff. here goes the republican again. they decided we'll go with the transition again. >> without spending cuts and entitlement reforce it's impossible oh address the fiscal crisis. >> cenk: we're busting their ass up today. i'm going to show you what they said before the election and what they said after. you'll love that. >> here come the people, man strikes and more strikes.
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now, fast food workers in new york starting to strike. >> i've been working at mcdonald's for 10 months right now. >> i've been working at wendy's for a year and two months now. >> cenk: i'm going to show you how much they're getting screwed. you want to talk about surprising news? here comes big foot! >> i was a skeptic. i did not believe these things exited at pull. they live right under our noses and we were never able to get proof of this until now. >> cenk: is it real? there's some real evidence. we'll talk about it on the show. in the end, of course, the did you meanest republican in the country within the show. who is it? gomer! you're going to love his conspiracy they are we. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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>> cenk: so it aseemed things were going well on this grand bargain thing for a while if you actually want to do the grand bargain, which i'm not sure i do. the republicans saying maybe we can raise a little bit of revenue. of course, president obama is saying a million conciliatory things. here comes john boehner deciding he's going to draw a line again. >> without spending cuts and in title reforms it's impossible to address our country's debt crisis and get our economy going again and to grow jobs. right now all eyes are on the white house. the country doesn't need a victory lap. it needs leadership. it's time for the president congressional democrats to tell the american people what spending cuts they're really willing to make. >> cenk: there he goes again spending cuts, enexcitement reform. we'll get to entitlement reform in a minute.
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they are huffing and puffing and laughing in tim geithner's face today. based on some articles that i have read, this morning i tweeted out: there is the unknown ones, how much are they going to increase taxes. i predicted 37-38% and capitol gains 20%-22%. i don't have definitive numbers for you sos i got it right but i read this today: >> cenk: now do you understand that? the clinton era rates are 39.5 wear. all along, president obama was
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saying i'm taking away the bush tax cuts, we're going back to the clinton era rates right? all of a sudden not really going back to the clinton era rates. that's why i was saying you know what, they might increase the rates because president obama has said it way too many times not to increase the rates at all, but although as we've sheen you, they've also hint haded they might lower rates. he's not going to go back up and take the bush tax cuts away. the final might be 37%. politico same reporting as the wall street journal on that. they say it might be about $1.2 trillion in tax increases. they say realistically it could be closer to a trillion dollars. that's similar to what we've been hearing. the democrats are supposed to have leverage, but looks like they'll get the same trillion dollars that president obama has always been asking for. finally, or two final notes on this we've got the
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$1.2 trillion in cuts that we might be getting. that's weird because it looked like the cuts were going to be much more than that. we'll see how that plays out. on medicaid, they say the floor is $400 billion. that's definitive. they are going to cut at least $400 billion from medicare, but it could be much, much higher. speaking of medicare, this is really interesting. i remember during the election, the republicans talking about we are the protectors of medicare. i can't believe obama wants to cut medicare. you remember all of these statements and ads? >> cut the payments that go to medicare. >> now that you need it, obama has cut $716 billion for medicare. >> medicare for current retirees he's cutting from the program. because of those $716 billion in cuts. >> you're going to see a
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$716 billion cut to medicare. >> obama is raiding $716 billion from medicare changing the program forever. >> medicare should be the promise it made to our seniors period, end of story. >> barack obama has taken $716 billion from it. it's that simple. >> cenk: that simple! obama's taken $716 from medicare and the republicans are going to protect it, right? after the election, mind you listen to this, entitlement reform means and everybody in washington knows this, the reporting absolutely confirms it. i just want you to be clear on this. it means cutting medicare, medicate and social security. so they wouldn't do entitlement reform after the election, would they? let's find out. >> entitlement reform. >> reform the entitlements. >> it's couped with real entitlement reform.
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>> it's going to take cuts in entitlements. >> only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> change the model for medicare for the long term. >> without spending cuts and entitlement reform, it's going to be impossible to address our countries debt crisis. >> shore up entitlement programs that are the primary drivers of hurry debt. >> cenk: i that the you were going to protect entitlements like medicare. turns out your intention was and you are now insisting that they be cut instead. by the way who's going to aid and abet them, of course, cnn. >> those entitlements cuts are going to be painful but they're going to have to do it. >> cenk: i love how they're supposed to be objective unless they're pushing the pro rich, pro establishment thinking, they're going to have to do he be title cuts, take that money away from the middle class, give it to the rich.
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now, let me bring in someone who has a different view on the fiscal cliff than a lot of people in the media robert rice. he's of course secretary of labor under the clinton administration. his new book is beyond outrage what's gone on with our economy and how to fix it. let's start with the fiscal cliff. secretary reich if we hit the fiscal cliff would it be devastating and hence we must do cuts in social security and medicare? >> first of all the fiscal cliff is a misnomer. it really is not a cliff. we can go over it and a lot of people won't feel much, particularly if democrats do what they say they're going to do, and that is pass a bill that makes the tax cuts retroactive to january 1 for the middle class. that's what democrats would do,
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giving them maximum bargaining with the republicans. we don't have a debt crisis. that's another might geology that a lot of people, republicans and media are talking about. there is no the a budget deficit crisis right now. in the years beginning 10 years from now, we will have very large budget deficits, but those are because of health care costs rising projected to rise very, very high and that's going to hurt medicare and medicaid, not because medicare and medicaid are the problems, but because underlying those medicare and medicaid problems programs are problems with rising health care. they're going to be problems for the whole country unless we get health care under control. that's why we need a single pair plan. that's why the affordable care act is a step in the right direction but it's not where we need to end up.
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>> cenk: from where it currently is arguing between a really conservative position and fairly conservative position to what the american people actually want, it's not a matter of what i want or you want, do not cut medicare and special security, cut oil subsidies and raise taxes on the rich, is that possible? >> i think it is possible. the obama white house democrats, particularly progressive democrats in the house and senate and especially the new crop coming in january 1, what everybody ought to be saying is number one, and by the way cenk, this is what they were saying during the election, so this is not a fundamental change in democratic rhetoric. number one the goal is jobs, not just more jobs, but also better jobs. we're not going to get that if we have an austerity crisis if we consider the budget deficit the worst thing right now that
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we have to tackle, it is not the worst thing right now. jobs and joblessness is the worst thing we have to tackle. that's number one. number two inequality. we've got to raise taxes on the rich not just because it helps with the long term deficit, but because we've got to invest in people, in education and job training and infrastructure. we've got a lot to do as a country. we've got to strengthen our safety nets. the middle class can't possibly afford anymore taxes. that's why the rich have to pay their fair share. >> cenk: let me throw a quick question. >> i think if it's framed that way in terms of jobs and public investment and all of us, i think that's a winning way of framing it. >> cenk: you're definitely right about that, there's no question about that. the question is the guy in the white house is not going to frame it that way. if my prediction is right and we'll go to the upper end of it and say the marge national tax
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rate gets moved up. is that a good deal for a bad deal? >> it's a bad deal, because remember the clinton highest marginal tax rates on dual filers 39.6% that is still historically very, very low. i mean, before 1980, the highest marge national tax rate was 71% under eisenhower, 91%. even if you consider all of the tax deductions that the wealthy took in those years. the effective tax rate on the highest income people was still about 55%. much higher than the 39% under bill clinton. did the economy suffer? no! we did very well in the 1950's and 1960's. we actually had an economy that worked for everybody. the rich did not take home 24% of total income.
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they took home about 9% of total income, even before taxes. what we need to do as a country is understand that we had a period of widespread posterity. we need to go back to that kind of an economy. >> cenk: all right, thank you for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thanks, chenk. >> cenk: when we come back, president obama and mitt romney had a lunch. there's a secret recording of that lunch, kind of. >> president obama makes good on an election night promise meeting with mitt romney. that this is their first face-to-face meeting sings their bruising campaign. >> the elbow of the day is on a shiny bald republican head. i think you'll like it. [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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>> cenk: president obama met with mitt romney today for lunch. our political correspondent michael shure is here to tell us all about it. >> on the one hand, a warming comforting thing about american politics is the loser comes and meets with the president or whoever it was that beat them. they have a meeting at the white house. mitt romney arrived through a back door, pictured going inside. that's through the basement of the white house. i couldn't make this stuff up. then of course this is the official picture, the white house released, there's an
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official picture. this is of course governor romney and president obama standing in the oval office, comforting that romney would be leaving the oval office and romney would remain. t.y.t. being investigative and on the spot, taking a cue from the 47% video at the fundraiser for romney, we had some audio there that nobody knew about. >> i want to say thank you to you for welcoming me here. i apologize for keeping you so long from a lunch the smells of what are beginning to waft into this room. >> continue, governor. you've got folks who work at the jeep plant. >> i drive a mustang and chevy pickup truck. ann drives a couple of pickup trucks. she said i've got to get this time on oh the horse. she has austrian warm blood. >> please proceed governor, i've
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got a pen. >> i've got to get her out there. it rejuvenates her. >> any chance they talked about politics? >> i don't think for a second. it's curious what they talked about. i'm sure they talked about their ideas and what not. >> cenk: it had to be the most awkward lunch of all time. they don't like each other especially romney after losing, walks in with some bile. this has to have been the worst lunch of his life. >> people said when ford and carter who ended up very, very close friends had that lunch at the white house, it was really awful, because i'm sorry reagan and carter. >> cenk: i heard carter spit in reagan's food. oh yeah, great here you go. >> we also had cameras there for that, but we'll show that at another time. getting back to the serious campaign stuff, romney was
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almost in denial over his loss and perhaps understandably. three weeks after the election, in the washington post, a chief strategist for the romney campaign basically saying we won the day. somehow, he thought he won the day: >> you know what, cenk, they lost. >> cenk: why bother pointing this out. this is him saying you know what, we won the real people. we won rich people, we won white people. you know the real america voted for us. >> i'm glad you said white people. he went on to say:
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>> so he's saying, he's painting the president as the rich guy here. >> cenk: and he's saying hey you know what, he won because he's black, don't worry next time we won't get a black guy it will be easier to win so it wasn't our idea. >> exactly. i think the idea that they think, these republicans, the people that work with romney think that they somehow won is really a victory for the rest of america. i think that's astonishing. >> two parts of that. they can't get it through their thick skulls what the middle class is. the median income is 50,000. people under $50,000 is the middle class because $50,000 is the middle. where as they view it as $50,000 and above are the only people that count. no wonder you lost the election. if you take half the country and piss on them like this, they're not going to vote for you. >> they keep pissing on them. former congressman from virginia
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goes on yesterday: >> the only thing that changes is the underclass minorities are starting to vote, it's even the people making less than that, pulled out of apartments and other groups that haven't traditionally voted. >> the minorly underclass pulled out of their apartments. >> come on, man. how obvious is it with these republicans? i want to give mike credit here. a couple of days, michael and i were having a conversation about the susan rice situation why the republicans were finding it so hard. >> cenk: one thing they want john kerry because they want that seat to open up in the senate to put scott brown in there, as well. >> cenk: that's a great point that's why they call him epic. >> i hadn't thought of that, it was a great point. all of a sudden, the next day we see this on another network. >> now that there's aningling of a chance that a is not seat might open up in massachusetts
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for scott brown to run for guess who's doing all of the dirty work to make sure that senate seat opens up? tadaa. >> are you going to sue her? >> she actually called and said can i go for it and i said yes. joe biden went to costco today. really, one of my favorite political stories of the year. went in, had his cart and there's great pictures of biden here going through. he bought cookies children's books, a big apple pie fire logs. how does he need fire logs, isn't somebody getting him the fire logs. the favorite part, though, he didn't purchase a set of tires when asked, he said man, i don't drive anymore. >> cenk: my understanding is he takes am tram from time to time. i heard that he got applause. >> he got huge applause. it was announced -- unannounced
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visit, that's what joe biden does real well, retail stuff literally today. >> cenk: it's not a campaign, the campaign's over. >> he's at costco, which is decidedly not wal-mart, $17 an hour salaries, benefits for their workers. it's a real statement with joe biden. >> cenk: i want to get back to that in the next segment. they paid, costco does, twice the rate that wal-mart does for their employees. you know, wal-mart and all the other guys, mcdonald's are going to say we can't, we can't. costco does twice as much and still makes money. >> the c.e.o. there today said i am not going to battle wallle street, this is how we run our business. >> cenk: when we come back, people who have had enough of those low wages. they're starting to strike at fast foot restaurants. >> can't hear you new york! >> working part time hours making minimum wage.
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>> cenk: let's strike back. we'll talk about that when we come back. later, how much would you pay for a cup of coffee? what if it was a really fancy ass coffee? >> a $7 cup of coffee. i feel that this has defined just how stupid we are. it's ridiculous to spend $7 for a cup of coffee, it's not that much more ridiculous than spending $4 for a cup of coffee at starbucks.
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smiles make more smiles. when the chocolate is hershey's. life is delicious. (vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time. >> cenk:off all heard about host he is brands going under they're going bankrupt. their management obviously is going to suffer because of that, because they're losers, failures bankrupt, it doesn't
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get any worse than that, right? wrong again, they will be getting bonuses of $1.75 million. bonuses! bonuses! you run your company into the ground and somebody gives you a $1.75 million he bonus. it's not legal according to the law: >> cenk: the only thing extraordinary in these circumstances is how bad they screwed up the company. if management is getting something good here, probably they're doing something for the workers, right? of course none of you were thinking that. here's what's happening to the workers. fired, gone. sadly enough, they will not be receiving bonuses. here's how the executive class has robbed us blind over the last 30 years or so, in fact, a
4:28 pm
little longer. this is my favorite graph of all time. the yellow line is for productivity. productivity is sky high, rising great job american workers, but the blue line and red line are the salaries you guys are getting. what has happened to that? flatlined. you are not being compensated for your productivity. instead, it's all going to the executives and even if they bank result the company, they get bonuses anyway. that's what's making so many workers across this country so mad, rightfully so. that's why we're seeing strikes at wal-mart and now at fast food restaurants. anna has more. >> the fast food industry is a $200 billion industry. you would assume since it's so profitable, they would pay their workers a decent wage, but of course not. an organization known as fast food forward is mobilizing fast food workers to protest for
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better wages and to be able to unionize. in fact, let's take a look at workers protesting in front of a burger king. >> what's disgusting? union busting. >> what's gusting? union busting. >> can't hear you, new york, what's disgusting? union busting. >> come on out. we've got the bag. >> this is the first time the fast food workers have come together to protest for fair wages. the median wage for a fast food service worker is about $8.90 however, considering new york city has a minimum wage of $7.25, a lot of the workers are paid just that. unfortunately, some of them, even though working 30-40 hours a week still need to depend on
4:30 pm
government assistance just to make ends meet. let's look at a video explaining this situation. >> i've been working at mcdonald's for 10 months right now. >> i'm joshua williams. i've been working at wendy's for a year and two months now. >> i make $7.25 an injure after taxes and everything, i see no more than 220, the money i have goes toward my son and transportation and food throughout the week. >> that's my goal. >> harold miller, a huge player in the attempt to unionize fast food employees joins us on the show. >> cenk: as we get to harold. is there a better chance than what's gusting? union busting?
4:31 pm
harold, did you come up with that? >> no, i did not but that's creative, though. >> cenk: you should take credit for it, i like it. >> so, harold, with a strike, what are your objectives, what are you looking for? >> for the strike today, it was against unfair labor practices by these fast food corporations. they have interfered with workers having the right to voice and address issues at the workplace, such as wages conditions respect. these corps relate bosses are already clamping down at a lot of workers threatened to fire them. that's why we took this dramatic step today to say that enough is enough, that low wage workers like fast food workers are going to step up and fight back. >> cenk: how much do you want their wages to be on average. >> we are calling for $15 an hour. you know, as you were saying in a previous segment, you have
4:32 pm
costco workers making $17 an hour, so these corporations can afford it, and the people that we're working with, these are not kids these are consults who have to take care of families, put their kids through school. we have folks living in homeless shelters they're on food stamps and other means of public assistance. so $7.25 doesn't cut it, especially in new york city. >> that's inning. oftentimes, you'll hear corporations say we can't, we can't. let me show you the profits. this their profits are up 23% 45% and for mcdonald's, 130%. what do you mean you can't afford it? of course you can afford it. what i want the audience to understand they pay such low wages only because they can't get away with it. if they could get away with it,
4:33 pm
they would share the profits. how do you make them? if a couple people go to strike, they can get fired. how do you mobilize enough people president obama be able to make this effective and actually win? >> well, we have been talking to thousands of fast food workers around the city. the vast majority of them do want to fight. they are ready to stand up. today was just the kick out of. there were over 200 workers across the city that stood up and said we will not tolerate living in poverty and being intimidated by the boss. >> all right harold miller, thank you, man we appreciate it. >> no problem. >> cenk: all right. i like these strikes. that's the only way you're going to be able to say hey, you know what, if we all work here, we've got a share in those profits that we were showing you. otherwise, it's fundamentally unfair. when we come back, bradley manning has been in prison for
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nearly three years. his hearing is finally underway and for the first time, he spoke today. we will tell you what he said and it was dramatic. it's a tradition honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough.
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>> cenk: on the progressive segment, we usually have to give you bad news, but today rare good news especially on civil liberties. you can do indefinite detention of american citizens and non-american citizens. bipartisan list of senators is fighting back against that. it's not the usual cast of characters. that is bipartisan leadership against the indefinite provision.
4:38 pm
>> cenk: look at that, that is a republican speaking out about civil liberties and he's absolutely right. dianne feinstein is saying hey you know what, it's time to close gitmo. what? we're talking about guilt mow again? she pointed out that the government accountability office did a study showing: >> cenk: if we can hold those terrorist prisoners in the country, why can't we bring the prisoners from guantanamo to this country? great news. there is of course bad news, bradley manning is still in prison for bringing transparency to our government. he testified for the first time. one of the things he said was: >> cenk: the solitaire
4:39 pm
confinement he had to deal with is outrageous. the defense is asking should the charges be dropped because of the inhumane conditions he's been kept in. kevin, thanks for coming back to the "young turks" to talk about this. tell me about what happened today during the hearings. >> well, it's amazing because manning sat up on the stand and i know you're familiar with his friend david house and he just sat there from the stand and talked about how he was upset that david house was coming and having these visits and then going back and talking to the media, and that he thought he was violating his friendship, and i think why i'm raising this first is because the person he
4:40 pm
was going to was telling him these reports, he was getting no the car with our editor in chief, and this got back to manning and he was upset. this is something i'm taking in right now which is really fascinating to me. the other thing i'll tell you is he removed his father from the visitor's list because he did a pbs front line interview the same day that he came in and visited him and said he wasn't going to be a family member who went and splashed all kinds of headlines around about stuff that was going on with him in quantico. >> cenk: that's interesting. part of the problem that he's had of course is that he has had very little contact with the outside world. in fact, didn't you talk about when he was first being detained not here in the u.s., but abroad? kevin? >> i'm sorry i think i've lost
4:41 pm
you. >> cenk: i said did he talk about his detainment because of how discouraged he was? >> we appear to have technical difficulties. i think i've lost you cenk. >> cenk: he got so discouraged when they first detained him, that he started drawing nooses, because he said i'm in this cage, the best part of his confinement was the mirror, he said because even when they brought him here in won't co, they kept him in solitary confinement in a room without windows for 23 hours a day. when he needed toilet paper, he would have to say private bradley manning requesting toilet paper. he would go into his room four times an hour. why? to disturb him. make him sleep naked. the list goes on and on of all the different things he had to suffer. it's enough suffering. i get it. he leaked things, if you believe
4:42 pm
that and if you can prove it. he served three years, nine months in solitaire confinement before they even charged him with anything. enough is enough, free bradley manning. now when we come back, lighter news. >> someone with a scientific background says. >> i was a skeptic. i did not believe these things existed at all prior to the study.
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>> it's that time of the show where we have fun stories for you guys, big foot. interesting. we'll bring in our motley crue here. starting with big foot. it turns out we've got a scientist whose figured out it might kind of be real. here's the report. >> he's almost a corn stone of our mythology. i was a skeptic. i did not believe these things existed at all prior to this study. >> she is talking an analysis of fur. she believes the species lived 15,000 years ago a cross between homosapiens and a prime mate. >> they don't want the be seen or found. >> cenk: look, hey, wait a minute now she tested d.n.a.
4:47 pm
she tested d.n.a. >> maybe she tested d.n.a. of a hairy dude. every time we do these big foot stories, i feel like we're kids worried about some monster under our bed. >> cenk: i'm not worried about it at all. i want to hang out with big foot. i bet he's a bad ass. >> i bet examine he exists, something we haven't discovered yet. >> oh my goodness, it's a big foot. >> i don't believe it yet because they haven't proven it, but if they do, we still of the
4:48 pm
chupacabra new why are people so it can't be, it's a conspiracy. we covered this years ago. here's what i said. >> you were making fun, but all of a sudden, big foot might exist. could it be that you have a different combination of animals and at some point there's a 10-foot guy with beautiful hair and six fingers on each hand, not likely, but entirely possible. >> cenk: 10-foot guy with beautiful hair. can i get another shot? >> date stern would have found me by now. >> cenk: look, it's not real until you have scientific confirmation. she's a scientist done d.n.a. testing. you have to have pirri view. until we get pirri view, it's not real, ok? if it's true, can you imagine
4:49 pm
they've been hiding out for 15,000 years and we never got him. >> it's amazing how much an english accent makes it believable. >> they found big too the somebody decides it in texas. forget it, i'm turning it off right there but as soon as it's that by, totally believe it. >> cenk: we'll see how it develops. if it's pirri viewed and they find out no, they were out there, we are going to descend upon them. oh, my god. >> there wasn't be any left. >> cenk: the paparazzi, et cetera is going to run into those woods. i hope big foot kicks their ass. >> second story about starbucks. apparently they have a $7 cup of coffee. there two of them, coast costa rica
4:50 pm
coffees. one with geisha. >> it's a scam. i'm sure that the beans are rare whatever, but i don't think it actually makes a difference in terms of how often it tastes. it's just like wine, right box wine tastes just like the fancy expensive wine. it's the exact same flavor and people are like ooh, i can taste the oak in this one. no you can't. >> fancy pants is going to be on your side, boxed wine i don't know about. everything has its luxury end too. if you really like coffee and it's $7, you want to pay $7 to taste something that is rare that you don't often get, i don't understand even if i could afford it, why people drive a ferrari. i don't understand it. >> the wine versus the coffee versus the car right? i don't get drinking crap calf fee because it all tastes the same and makes me feel bad. i hate it, upsets my stomach.
4:51 pm
it's ridiculous. in reality a ferrari does make a difference. >> cenk: let's settle this. what do the american people think. >> costa rica priced at seven that dollars a cup. starbuckss said it's worth it because it's made from a rare variety of central american beans called geisha that are very hard to grow. we sat them down, coffee drinkers, put them in front of two cups and let the challenge begin. >> i want to say this one, because it has a richer taste. >> this has a richer, bolder taste. >> we didn't even bother to get the $7 coffee. we got a pot of regular coffee, and poured the exact same coffee in both cups. >> cenk: all right, they had 450 half pound bag of beans
4:52 pm
available, sold out oh in 24 hours. what happened to the recession? all of a sudden, you put this like oh, my god it's limited! there's only 400 if i have pound half bags? i'm getting one right away. people are crazy, man. >> i got some water from the top of the mountain, $100 a bottle. >> it it, i got it. i got coffee that big foot picked. ok? but you know what, it's really expensive. >> say it with an english accent. >> it's wonderful coffee. go to we'll sell it to you. >> when we come bob elbow of the day. you're going to love it. come right back.
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>> cenk: so you want is next what is next? >> the senate's got to take up the first day of the new session. we've got former congressman bob edgar talking about that. then there's always the fiscal slope as we call it, whether the new offer by the white house means anything, is this going to be a big blow up of the senate, also the mideast mayhem breaking out. a lot of stuff to talk about.
4:56 pm
people when i'm upset. they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. >> cenk: louisiana gohmert is the one of the five people who said there is a secret muslim brotherhood conspiracy to take over the federal government. michele bachmann was one of the others. why louie? he goes and talks to frank gaffney on his radio program and has a new insane conspiracy theory. listen. >> what was all the rage a year and a half ago? it was the arab spring and how wonderful it was and this administration really embraced blowing out mubarak. yes, do it up by all means. getting ready for gadhafi.
4:57 pm
wasn't enough to send verbal accolades. this has been a -- this administration sent planes and bombs and support to oust gadhafi so that al-qaeda and the muslim brotherhood could take over libya. >> cenk: did you hear that? that was obama's secret plot. this lunatic, by the way other than being insane, is saying we should not have gotten rid of the dictators mubarak and gadhafi. what a swell guy. it only gets worse. one more. >> call it arab spring, call it arab winter, whatever you want to but it was disastrous unless you were wanting a new ottoman empire to take place and that's what this administration helped jump start. >> cenk: ah-ha! louis got him. turns out obama is trying to start a new ottoman empire! yeah, yeah that's the ticket. and then he's going to call cub
4:58 pm
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